Direct Burial Loops

Direct Burial Loops


National Loop Company manufactures two unique types of Direct Burial Loops to accommodate your installation requirements. All our Direct Burial Loops arrive fully assembled, and ready to install for any project involving paving, concrete or asphalt pouring, gravel roadways and brick paving.

Designed for Vehicle Detection in conjunction With:
  • Parking Barrier Gates
  • Overhead Doors
  • Gate Operators
  • Traffic Signals
  • Arming Devices
  • Vehicle Counters

First, our new addition to the lineup, a smaller and more flexible Direct Burial Loop. Designed by our team of professionals with decades of experience, with the highest-quality 14AWG direct burial cabling available, and a custom engineered T-box. There simply is no other loop in the world quite like this. Experience a new level of quality, and even easier installation, with our premium vehicle detection loops.

Direct Burial Loop - National Loop Company
Overhead Direct Burial Loop - National Loop Company

PICTURED ABOVE: Example of our newest preformed direct burial inductive loop, featuring high-quality 14AWG direct burial cabling and a custom-engineered T-box for unparalleled performance.
  • K-NL12-18/50 [4′ x 8′ Lightweight Direct Burial loop, with 30′ twisted lead-in]

Second, comes our classic conduit-encased loop, trusted by our customers for over 20 years. The heavy-duty nature of the liquid tight conduit insures your most sensitive access control project from external conditions like sharp stones, heaving, chemicals and inclement weather to ensure a flawless operation in your overall installation process.

     Direct Burial Paveover Inductance Loop

PICTURED ABOVE: Example of our most popular preformed direct burial inductive loop
  • E-NL12-18/50 [4′ x 8′ Conduit Direct Burial loop, with 18GA wiring and 50′ lead-in length]

ENL Direct Burial Paveover Induction Loop

Benefits of using a direct burial inductive loop
  • Light and compact with no assembly required
  • Cost effective in time and labor
  • Comes standard in flexible liquid-tight conduit
  • Designed for durability against the elements
  • Optimizes read-height and eliminates false signals